Traveling To Spain

I have to admit that I love traveling and more when it comes to travel to Spain, and so far my favorite place is Fuengirola(South Spain). Is a great place to live, front beach city and it has all magic that comes with a great weather, ocean, mounts, birds, etc… is just good place to live.

I do know a lot people are struggling here to be able to survive, but every one is now on days. While talking to locals they all complain about how bad things are but at the same time they do recognize they are okay, I believe that when they say OK, is just to cover it up that is not like before when it was possible to make a lot money with little effort. But again, money is not everything in life, and I am sure that spaniards are more than happy to wake up to this life and they will never changed it for anything. Since Spain taking into account corruptions, problems and all bad situations can bring STILL a great place to live.

Fuengirola Hills

Fuengirola Hills early morning beauty


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