Eye Tracker on Python using Open CV Part-1

Installing libraries

For started, we need to set up the environment to start working in our project.

This post i will be using windows, but you can also do it in mac by using home brew to install the required libraries.

  1. For windows, we will need to install Python, if there no installation yet, it can be downloaded from here. Make sure you download the right version for your machine.
  2. Lets install Scipy, Numpy and Matplotlib. Please make sure to download the right version for your OS and python version in order to the interpreter work correctly.
  3. After all installation is done, lets open the the python command line and test it. we can do this by just importing those libraries. example: import scipy    . if there is not erros for each of those libraries to make sure to make it work appropriately.

Get the final code in this repo I will add the final post later next month :) and explain how to make an Eye Tracker on Python using Open CV step by step.


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