Dash code library

Maybe you had heard about this awesome snippets and code manager, Dash is one of the main tools to look up for code while travelling or just for a fast reference.

In their lastest update they supporting ruby 2, and this really light weight application also support almost all the most used programming languages and scripting languages.

It does also present the option to search on global scale with in all downloaded libraries, or either for specific languages but that is not all options it does have to boost our productivity, if we are not happy with none of the results out of the query search, it can also present the option to look it up on Google or Stackoverflow, which for me is a really tied option.

And that is not all the cool things this application can do, it also support documentation for the most used  CMS’s out there, for example WordPress documentation it is great for started or advance users.


The application is for free, you can downloaded and try it, but for this good peace of work, it really worth to pay the $9 price tag for it.


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